Mizuho Neon/Mizuho Denki Co., Ltd.

Since 1949, Mizuho Neon and the enterprise it spawned, Mizuho Denki (Electric) Co., Ltd. has become a giant among thesignage and outdoor advertising companies in Japan. They have created signs for multiple domestic and international companies operating in Japan and have used state of the art technologies in their signs. In addition to neon, Mizuho has mastered LED technology and has created stunning LED signs that are very environmentally-friendly and use a bare minimum of wattage.

Mizuho has also formed partnerships with a number of companies across Japan, including Big Boy Japan, the Hitachi Transport System Group, Toyota Corolla Hyogo, Ltd., and Asahi Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Mizuho Denki Co., Ltd.’s main office and factories are in Kobe, but they also have a branch in Tokyo.

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