Neon/LED/Electric Sign Profiles

Neon signs in Bangkok, Thailand. (Jorisamonen/

In many major cities around the world, neon, LED, and incandescent bulb-powered signage turns the streets of the cities into an electrifying sea of bright colors at night. In some cities such as Las Vegas and Tokyo, these signs have become modern-day historical landmarks.

This section of Night Owl Illuminations is dedicated to neon, LED, and incandescent signs from around the globe. Listed here are profiles of both internationally-famous signs as well as signs that are only famous in their respective cities or countries. Some of these signs are still operational while others were torn down long ago. Each profile includes a little detail about the history of these signs, their place in their local culture, and how they are/were signs (pun intended) of the times. Many of these signs are instantly recognizable. Others you have probably never heard of, but they have a fascinating history of their own!

Below is a listing of the countries featured in this section. There are many more to follow, so please stay tuned!


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