The Seven Seas Restaurant Neon Sign

The Seven Seas Restaurant in Edmonton, AB in November, 1962. (Provincial Archives of Alberta/Flickr)

One of Edmonton’s most dazzling neon displays during the mid-20th century were the neon sign and decorations which adorned the Seven Seas Restaurant.

Located along Edmonton’s “neon hub” of Jasper Avenue, the Seven Seas Restaurant was an extremely popular Chinese restaurant in the city.

The four neon Chinese junks sailing above the entrance of the restaurant pretty much summed up the gist of the restaurant and the glittering sign was certainly one of Edmonton’s most memorable!

Seven Seas closed its doors in 1980 and other businesses have since taken up that spot, but the neon sign and decorations live on in the pictures, videos, and memories of many who were able to experience this restaurant!


  • (History of the Seven Seas Restaurant.)
  • (A 16mm film created in the 1961 for usage in a Seven Seas TV commercial. The neon sign and decorations can be seen throughout the video.)

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