The 1050 CHUM Neon Sign

Toronto radio station 1050 CHUM’s neon sign.

One neon sign that has consistently been part of the Toronto skyline for nearly six decades is the neon sign marking the home of radio station 1050/104.5 CHUM.

The sign was first erected in 1959 at CHUM’s old location on Yonge Street in downtown TO.  Over the course of the next few decades, the sign became one of Yonge Street’s most familiar landmarks.

In 2009, CHUM was forced to move to a new location after their decades-old home on Yonge St. was sold to condo developers. When CHUM packed up and moved to their new location on the corner of Queen Street and Richmond Street West, they were able to pack their sign up and bring it with them. Before re-erecting the sign, it was given a restoration and resizing to fit it to side of the new building, which is smaller than the old Yonge St. building.

Sign Location:






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