Wrocław Główny Neon Signs (Wroclaw, Poland)

The neon sign adorning the main Wrocław Główny (train station) platform in 2014.

The Wrocław Główny train station has been a part of the city of Wroclaw, Poland since 1857. It is the city’s largest train station and one of Poland’s most notable train stations.

During the post-World War II years of 1949-1960, Wrocław Główny underwent a series of renovations to repair damage from the war, to enlarge the station for military purposes, and to give it a makeover in line with the architectural fashions of the time that were trending on both sides of the Iron Curtain. Part of those renovations was to install neon signs indicating the station name and the names of the stations’s buildings and platforms.

The neon sign above the station’s main platform is the most famous. A number of TV and movie scenes have been shot here over the decades.

Station Location:







(Image copyright: Travelarz. Used via Wikimedia Commons and Wikimedia Polska Association per CC Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Poland license.)

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