The Marabou Chocolates Sign

The Marabou Chocolates sign in Stockholm's Stureplan district circa 1965.
The Marabou Chocolates sign in Stockholm’s Stureplan district circa 1965. (Ruben Morne/Wikimedia Commons)

After the famous Gevaert Camera sign was torn down in Stockholm, Sweden’s Stureplan district in 1964, a very flashy sign advertising the Marabou chocolate brand took its place the following year. This sign would remain in the same spot over the Bångska building for another four and a half years or so until it too was torn down in 1970 after a dispute between Marabou and the property owner over the price of rent.

The Marabou sign, like the Gevaert sign (and many of Stockholm’s other neon signs for that matter), was created by the famed Swedish lighting engineer Ruben Morne and his company, Morneon.

The Marabou sign was one of the most memorable on display in Stureplan and was famous for its kaleidoscopic effect.



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