Las Vegas Neon

Fremont Street in 1952. Notice the Golden Nugget sign on the left side of the pic and the iconic “Vegas Vic” sign in the background. (Edward N. Edstrom/Wikimedia Commons)

Apart from mid-20th century New York City, no other city in the USA is synonymous with neon and LED signage as Las Vegas, Nevada.

Vegas is home to some of the world’s most famous neon and LED signs. The neon signs that adorn Las Vegas’s casinos and hotels have stood for decades and have become historical landmarks along with the businesses they advertise!

Signs such as “Vegas Vic”, the “neon cowboy”, the Stardust sign, and and the Golden Nugget sign with its neon coins are synonymous with the city of Las Vegas. Many of these signs are housed along Las Vegas’s Fremont Street, where they are part of the Fremont Street Experience. Many thousands of people from across the globe come to see these signs up close and lose themselves in a sea of neon and LED brilliance.

One of the more recent tourist attractions to pop up in Vegas in recent years is the Neon Museum of Las Vegas, or the “Neon Boneyard” as it’s also known. Signs advertising businesses now long gone have found a home at this outdoor museum, which is becoming a must-see attraction for neon lovers worldwide.

Without further adieu, here are the Las Vegas neon and LED signs featured in this directory:




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