Neon Sign Museum (Edmonton)

The Neon Sign Museum of Edmonton, AB is Canada’s very first museum dedicated solely to neon signage!

This museum, which opened its doors in 2014, features 12 of the neon signs which adorned Edmonton during the mid-20th century. Eight of the signs are installed on the side of Edmonton’s Telus Building. All signs have been restored to their original shining glory and for future generations to enjoy and learn about the city which existed some 5-6 decades ago.

Among the signs on display at this museum is the famous Mike’s News sign, which was one of the most famous from Edmonton’s neon heyday. This sign, which featured a cross-legged and Fedora hat-wearing red neon man reading a newspaper, was a permanent fixture in downtown Edmonton from 1934 until 1979.

Any additional info about this museum would be much appreciated!

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