Japan Night Walk Tour

Osaka, Japan’s Dotonbori district at night. The city’s famous Kani Doraku restaurant and its famous mechanical crab sign can be seen to the left.

While not really a museum of any kind, the Japan Night Walk Tour is a 45 minute long walking tour of the city of Osaka at night hosted by the Osaka Convention Tourism Bureau.

The tours are led by local tour guides. In their own words, it aims to show the people of the world some of the sights of Osaka at night, and some of the sights not usually found on websites or travel guides in particular. Among the sights seen during the tour are the city’s famous neon and LED signs (including the most famous of all: “Glico Man”) in the Dotonbori shopping district,, traditional Japanese paper lanterns that decorate the fronts of restaurants in the city, back-alley temples and shrines adorned with soothing red lanterns lighting the way, and much more. And there are certainly plenty of opportunities for selfie-taking in front of the signs and buildings! Some – well actually all of these – are once in a lifetime selfie opportunities, even if you are no stranger to Japan!

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/japannightwalktour/?fref=ts (Japanese language only. There are many pics and reviews in English from foreigners who have taken the tour and loved every minute of it though!)

Homepage and tour registration info: https://www.japanhoppers.com/features/leisure/361/






Image by doona02020 from Pixabay.

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