The Glico Museum – Glico Man Exhibition 2016

The Glico Museum is a museum that Pocky stick lovers worldwide need to put on their to-see lists when they visit Japan!

In addition, sign enthusiasts visiting Japan during the summer of 2016 might want to consider checking it out since it has a summerlong exhibition dedicated to Osaka’s “Glico Man” sign!

The exhibition explores the beginnings of the Glico Man sign from the time it was first erected in 1935 or so up to the present day as well as the cosmetic and technological changes made to the sign over the years.

Included in the exhibition is a photo booth where visitors can pretend they are standing in front of the sign back in its early days as well as miniature models of the sign back in the 1930s and in the present time.

The exhibition will be held until September 30th, 2016.


Museum Location:



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