Lost Highway Museum (Pomeroy, WA)

Located in the town of Pomeroy, WA, the Lost Highway Museum is a private collection and museum filled to the brim with pieces of mid-20th century USA. Among the many items on display here are vintage 1930s-1950s electronica (i.e. vintage TVs, jukeboxes, and radios), footwear, amusement park rides, quack medical devices, vending machines, food machines, and neon and illuminated signage. Many of these signs were rescued from businesses long swallowed up by the sands of Time.

In addition to the signage on display inside the museum itself, vintage neon signs from businesses across the USA adorn the exterior of the museum as well as the fronts and sides of various buildings in downtown Pomeroy. Anyone driving through Pomeroy can catch a glimpse of some of these signs shining away in their neon brilliance!

The Lost Highway Museum is owned and operated by longtime private collector David Webb. Since it is also a private residence, the museum is not open to the public. However, the signs installed outdoors are viewable anytime and David has been kind enough to upload online galleries featuring most of the items he has on display at the Lost Highway Museum website.

Museum Location:


Homepage: http://www.losthighway.net

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/losthighwaymuseum

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