The Railway Museum (Saitama City, Japan)

A vintage electric sign from Tokyo’s Ochanomizu train/metro station on display at the Railway Museum in Saitama City, Japan.

The Railway Museum in Onari, Saitama City, Japan, is one of Japan’s largest museums devoted to the history of railroading.

Located outside of Tokyo, this museum features historical train cars, train parts, and other memorabilia from not only Japan, but from around the world as well. It features a detailed industrial history of railroading from the 19th century to the modern era. Numerous train cars ranging from steam engines from Japan’s early railroading days to the modern shinkansen bullet trains are on display at the Railway Museum.

Of course, numerous examples of electric railroad signage can be found here, including vintage signs from train and subway stations from around the Tokyo area (see above), station platform maps from previous decades, and illuminated train drumheads. Some of these, such as an electric terminal sign from about 50 years ago, are still turned on everyday for visitors to enjoy!

The Railway Museum is open everyday except Tuesday and New Year holidays from 10 am-6 pm.

Museum Location:

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