Ten Historical Valentine Diners Across the US

During the mid-1930s Arthur Valentine, owner of a series of small cafes in the Wichita, KS area known as the “Valentine Lunch System” and an ex-car salesman originally from Illinois, purchased a prefabricated lunch building from the Ablah Hotel Supply Company in Wichita for one of his restaurants. Valentine was very impressed with the building …

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Neon Museums

Neon Alley

Neon signs on display in Pueblo, CO's "Neon Alley".

One of the most creative neon preservation projects in existence right now has to be the “Neon Alley” in Pueblo, Colorado, USA. Created by local lawyer and neon collector Joseph Koncilja and his brother, Neon Alley is claimed by Koncilja to be “the greatest assemblage of vintage neon signs east of the Las Vegas strip …

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